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The Greek Stick

Insert coin on the Myth with an arcade joystick for home micros.

TGS introduction

TGS is a high quality Handcrafted arcade Joystick for Amiga and C64 , made by the finest custom parts.

TGS is custom built to choose from 5 different versions of controller setup. The best part is you can choose the side of the stick you prefer and the choice of 1 or 2 buttons with or without autofire.

TGS on Gameathlon Summer 2019 gaming event in Athens – Greece.

History of the TGS

TGS goes back to the early 90’s when Anerousis controlers were popular in Greece and the market was on early stages. Some of the most iconic sticks from Anerousis was the Tomahawk and the pacman joysticks. TGS is the result of 30 years excellence and durability.

We take extra care of your joystick

All Joysticks have to be protected.

that’s why your order Is shipped on a special wooden box . TGS will be safe on this box for decades.

Availability and Prices

TGS is made in small batches so when your order is made after the payment the joystick begins to be constructed as you ordered it.

Price list

2 Button with a/f : 110 € 2 Button : 95 € 1 Button with a/f : 105 € 1 button : 90 €

*a/f : Autofire function. All prices including VAT. Shipping not included.

Opinions from beta testers and users

”TGS is like cheating the game. Built to last”

AmigaBill from the Guru Meditation

”Toys are made out of plastic,

weapons are made out of metal.”

Nikos (manicx) from Kick off association

”The perfect joystick for ReshootR. Arcade feeling on the Amiga. With adapter it even works on the MSX.”

Raimund N.

”TGS is a compact panzerstick”

Cool_amigaN from the Vintage computers Society

”  this brand-new Greek arcade joystick is made to last for dozens of years, just like the joysticks created by Nikos Anerousis 30+ years ago ”

Dony’s(not only) Beta tester Review Here also in English from Vintage computers society

Get in Touch

The Greek Stick
For orders contact Dinohatzi on the following email:

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Gallery of photos from the TGS

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